Cow Print Press on Nails

Cow Print Press on Nails


Cow Print Press on Nails hand-painted in house using gel polish. Forget the hassle of measuring or spending time in a Salon simply purchase here and we will deliver an instant manicure to your door, as all you need to do is apply.


Set Includes:

- 10 Painted Nails (Custom Fitted) Please look at the diagram above to check sizes depending on the length of the nail, (Our Small nails are different sizes to our medium and long length nails)

- Application Kit (Nail Buffer, Cuticle Pusher & Glue)


Please look at our diagram to know how to measure your sizes or watch our video - Please DO NOT guess your sizes, as your nails may not fit when you receive them. (if you do not feel comfortable measuring your own nails you may order a sample set to know your sizes)


Example Sizes:

Right Pinky - 9mm

Right Ring - 12mm

Right Middle - 14mm

Right Pointer - 12mm

Right Thumb - 17mm

Left Pinky - 9mm

Left Ring - 13mm

Left Middle - 14mm

Left Pointer - 12mm

Left Thumb - 17mm